Renaming sheets in Excel

By default, worksheets are named Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc. These should be renamed and given meaningful names so that the user knows what they contain. To rename them, right-click with the mouse and select rename and then type the new name in and press Enter. Alternatively, with a mouse, you can go to the Home menu, select the Format menu in the Cell group and Rename. This would involve the following sequence of keyboard clicks:

  1. Alt - provides a letter for each menu item
  2. H - selects the Home menu
  3. O - opens the Format dropdown
  4. R - selects Rename
  5. Type your new sheet name and press Enter.

The following video shows you different ways of renaming sheets.


When you have renamed your worksheets, there should be no default names and no spare worksheets, like this:

Screenshot of the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet, showing sheet names, index, JAWS testing, summary and action plan

To move between worksheets using the keyboard, you can use Ctrl + Page Up/Page Down.