Video in PowerPoint

When using video on a PowerPoint slide, you must ensure that captions are provided to enable hearing impaired users to access the audio content. Captions can be bunrt in, so that they are visible all the time, or they can be closed captions, which the user can toggle on and off.

If you provide closed captions, you will first need to create a caption file. This must be in .vtt file format. If you have a caption file in a different format, use a free online converter to create the .vtt file.

There are several automated tools that help you create captions. My preferred software is Adobe Premiere Pro but YouTube and Microsoft Stream also autogenerate captions. These can then be downloaded and imported into PowerPoint.

If you use autogenerated captions, it is essential to check them for accuracy and make sure they are spelled and punctuated correctly.

The following video shows you how to add a video and caption file to a PowerPoint slide.