Pointer Gestures

This criterion ensures that everyone can use a touchscreen. It states:

All functionality that uses multipoint or path-based gestures for operation can be operated with a single pointer without a path-based gesture, unless a multipoint or path-based gesture is essential.

What are pointer gestures?

Pointer gestures are ways that we can interact with a touchscreen to move the pointer and perform actions. It includes things like tapping, swiping and holding. Many people perform pointer gestures without even thinking about it but for some people, it can be really difficult.

Multipoint gestures

Multipoint gestures require two or more fingers (or other pointers) to be in contact with the screen. It would include things like pinching to zoom in, or holding one finger but moving another to activate a slider.

Path-based gestures

Path-based gestures require the user to move their finger along a particular path. Unlike dragging, where only the start and end point matter, path-based gestures need the pointer to move through defined points on the route.

What do you need to do?

If you have content which involves multipoint or path-based gestures, you must provide an alternative way of operating that function, which only requires single touches.

A good example is a map, where you can zoom in and out using a pinch between two fingers. Alternative methods of zooming in and out could be a plus and minus button, or double tapping to zoom in.

Map of some islands with a plus and minus button higlighted.