PDF Tagging Links

I was hoping to provide a video to show how to tag links manually. I created a document in Word, which contained a link. When I converted it to PDF correctly, maintaining accessibility features, the link behaved correctly when tested with JAWS. However, when I created it without tags, and then added the link tag manually, it looked perfect in the tags list but JAWS didn't read it at all. Not only did it not read the link but it didn't read the text either, so it missed the link phrase completely.

I did some checks to make sure I'd created the link tags properly. I can't see anything I've missed or done wrong but it wouldn't read well. More worryingly, it didn't flag any errors in the accessibility check, so a content creator without JAWS would have no way of knowing there was a problem.

At some point, I will go back to my documents and investigate this further but for now this really emphasises the point that creating the PDF correctly is always the safest way to go.