Page titled

This information relates to criterion 2.4.2 page titled, which states:

Web pages have titles that describe topic or purpose.

This is an easy one to achieve and to test. The page title is given on the tab in the browser. If you hover the mouse over it, the whole title will display. It is also read by screen readers. JAWS users can press JAWS + T to hear the page title.

In terms of the html code, the title is located inside the <head> tags. As well as being essential for accessibility compliance, it is also an essential element of valid html code.

The page title should be concise, unique and tell the user what the page is about. It is usually the same or almost the same as the <h1> text. You might also want to include the website or organisation name in the title. If so, the unique information should be first, and then the website name. It should look something like this:

<title>Page Titled - Finnberrys</title>