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Welcome to my professional portfolio

Hello, I am Nicki Berry and I am currently working as a senior learning experience designer for SSCL.

I hope you are visiting my website because you are interested in finding out more about me, my work and the skills I have to offer. I have spent most of my career, over 20 years, in school classrooms, and I consider this to have given me the best start in understanding the nature of how people learn... and why sometimes people fail to learn. This, along with my Master's study in Online and Distance Education, has given me invaluable and transferable skills that strongly influence my work as an eLearning designer.

I specialise in online accessibility and offer a consultancy service for anyone who is trying to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

As well as the information on this website, please have a look at my two blogs, where you will learn more about what makes me tick as an Educational Technologist and as an individual with some physical challenges. I hope you will agree that my disability does not hold me back nor prevent me from working hard and producing high quality eLearning materials.