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Bloom's Learning Taxonomy

I used this more in my previous role for writing learning objectives. I still use it in my current role but we tend to produce learning that is aimed at a large and diverse group of staff, so it is largely aimed at the lower levels of Bloom's taxonomy. When I was in adult learning, we worked with smaller groups and often developed a series of courses, where we wanted to see progression from basic to higher level skills. It was perfect for that.

  1. Knowledge - remember information
  2. Comprehension - understand the facts
  3. Application - apply knowledge to actual situations
  4. Analysis - break down ideas and find evidence to support theories
  5. Synthesis - compile ideas into new whole or propose alternative solutions
  6. Evaluation - make and defend judgements, based on internal evidence or external criteria.

My personal opinion is that basic eLearning (where you work through a standard package) is more geared towards knowledge, comprehension and application. The higher levels might be better achieved through real-life, on the job experience. I really like this image, which shows the six stages, along with some verbs that are good for starting each learning objective.