Part 5 - 13.2.09

I've just had my last day at work and have come home with huge boxes of pressies. Thanks kids (if any of you read this). Unfortunately I've lost my voice so I didn't get to say what I would have wanted to say. They showed a presentation of loads of the stuff that I've done since I started at Hartshead. It was all very sweet until the last photo. They put one in of me jumping on a trampoline at another teacher's leaving do. It looked terrible!

We've done loads and loads of packing but it still looks like there's even more to do. I really hope we're ready for when the removal men come on Tuesday. It's beginning to feel quite intense now. The enormity of the whole thing hit me like a steam train at the beginning of the week and I was really tearful. It wasn't helped by the fact that I was also ill. I feel better again now and I'm back to being excited for the most part. The weirdest thing is that we have no concrete plans for after Wednesday, so it really feels like the world's about to end or something. The whole world could literally end on Wednesday and we wouldn't miss any appointments or meetings or occasions or anything. My diary is completely empty except for birthdays and cabin bookings.

I don't know whether I'll write again before we go. If not, see you in Oulu.

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