Part 4 - 29.1.09

Andrew after being baptised Trying not to cry as everyone said their goodbyes Josh and his mates Andy and his mates

What an exciting week it's been! Last Saturday evening was our leaving party and we think there were almost 200 people there. I didn't think we knew that many people between us but unless they were celebrating our departure, we must have some really good friends. In the run-up to the party, I have to confess to being a little nervous about how it would go. We had let the boys invite most of their schoolfriends (past and present) and we knew that the majority of them were coming without parents. It had the potential for being quite stressful! However, I have to say that once again the teenies surprised me, not only by behaving so well but also in the way they showed kindness to those who were not part of the 'gang' and made sure that everybody had a great time. If any of you are reading this - thank you for being so fantastic! I am so proud that my lads have such wonderful mates!

The highlight of the party for me, was during the song that I didn't want the DJ to find - something about putting a donk on it! I've not witnessed this ritual before and I strongly suggest that you watch the video if you haven't either. Every day at school we have assembly and by the time the kids gets to Y6, they rebel against sitting on the floor. I assumed they developed some kind of bottom-complaint or something that prevents them from sitting on wood. BUT NO! Put a donk on it immediately had a circle of teens sitting on the dance floor making bizarre arm/hand movements. This amused me enough but there was more to come... Around the circle of young peeps a circle of 'older' people gathered, who also joined in the arm-waving. Their movements were not so accurate but executed with full confidence. Those that really couldn't do it were coached by random kids and made to practise until they'd got it right. It was better than theatre! I wanna put a donk on it again... and again... and again!

The other thing that happened at the weekend that was great, was Andy's baptism. Loads of family stayed over and came to watch him take the plunge. (Again, there's a video for those that missed it.) His testimony was lovely - very moving - and the smile on his face when he came up out of the water was pure joy! He looked positively radiant!

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