Part 3 - 23.1.09

I'm exactly half way through my final half term at school and for once, I feel absolutely nothing! I'm not excited about leaving, nor worried that I'll miss it. In fact, if anything, it feels as though I have already left. All the emails I get are about events that are post-e-day and I can't get involved in anything new because that would just be daft. The work load is as high as ever and I'm out of class a lot dealing with hand-over stuff. The only thing that is still really lovely is the actual teaching. The kids are great and with them, it's almost as though nothing is happening at all.

It's our leaving party tomorrow evening and I can't wait! Not everybody can come who we'd hoped to see but loads of family and friends are travelling a long way to celebrate with us and say their goodbyes. That is very heart-warming! I'm a bit nervous about it being a tearful do but we've got a good DJ and I'm hoping for a lot of fun. I'm taking my new camcorder (which I really love) and I'll be trying to get shots of everybody I'm going to miss. So if you're there and I point a camera at you, please don't turn away - I need to capture memories. Then, in a few months time, when homesickness hits, we can watch it and have a smile and remember that you're all still there.

You know how it is, when you're little and people keeping asking you questions that you don't know the answers to? Well, I know just how that feels now. People keep asking whether we're ready... whether we're packing... whether we're stressed/excited/nervous... whether we have a job or a house to go to... 'Don't know,' to all these questions. In one sense, there's a lot happening. I'm getting all the medical stuff organised - final asthma reviews, opticians, dentists, prescriptions to last the next 6 months, etc. I've also arranged to go to the cabin in Lapland to collect all our stuff that lives there. I've even thought ahead to our first holiday back to the UK and I've been investigating the possibility of a week in June at Le Pas Opton. On the other hand though, I'd be happier if the house was full of half-packeed boxes. It doesn't actually look as though we're moving yet and that's rather disconcerting!

So that's where we're up to right now. I'll post some pictures and videos after the party. Until then...

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