Part 2 - 16.1.09

It is less than 5 weeks until E-day and the excitement is turning to panic! Okay, maybe panic is too strong a word but we're all getting quite nervous. It's the little things that make me all emotional, like getting an email from work about some fantastic course or event and then realising I'll be gone by then. I'm also beginning to question the wisdom of deciding to work right up to the last minute. People keep giving me new jobs to do and I desperately want to scale down. On the other hand, I do want to give 100% at work, right up to the end - I'd just rather that was in the way of teaching the children, rather than management stuff.

Like Josh, I am quite nervous about all the people I will miss when we don't see so much of them. I know this is do-able because it's just the same as when we moved to Yorkshire from London. The hardest thing is people being nice to us though. I know people are usually nice to us but some of our best friends usually show their love for us by teasing, bantering and generally pretending to be really horrible. (Gosh! I hope they're pretending, anyway!) Now though, some of them are being very, very nice to me and that's scary. So if you're reading this (you know who you are) stop being so nice or you'll make me cry!

People who don't know me very well keep suggesting that red wine is good for keeping the stress levels down. Well that ain't going to happen... but Starbucks are making a killing out of this move. I'm totally aware that when we move Starbucks will become a thing of the past. Actually, it might be better to see it as a thing of the future??? Yeah! That's it. It will come to Finland, one day.

Going to Starbucks now for lunch and a frappe.

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