Part 19 - 10.6.09

I don't have much to write at the moment. The holidays are pretty dull and ordinary. Most days, we are getting up late (well, late for us), pottering about doing nothing in particular and then going to bed equally late. It's daylight all the time now. Officially the sun does set for a couple of hours but it doesn't actually get dark. I can't honestly say I like it - I feel a bit overlit at the moment. It makes me feel lightheaded and a bit headachy, though everyone else seems to love it!

We've sold the cabin in Lapland now. Last week, we had one final holiday there. If I'm honest, it was a disaster but it had to be done. We arrived on Monday to find that our cabin was out of action - no water! It appears to be maintenance work, which kind of confused me because I thought we owned it and therefore somebody should surely tell us before replacing our water cylinder, especially if we have to pay for it. Anyway, they gave us the keys to another similar cabin (I bet the owner didn't know!) The cabin was very like ours... oh, except that none of our stuff was in it and it felt strange. I don't like sudden changes and was a bit grumpy. We did eventually get into ours but then we didn't have a great week - kids arguing... us arguing... Neil trying to keep the peace, etc. Glad to be back home now!!!

We've now started looking at houses here to buy. They are all nice with buts. There was one - oh! gorgeous! It was by the river, had boats, outbuildings, potential, lots of potential... but was 50km out of town - too far!!! We saw one yesterday which was nice. It needs some work but that is reflected in the price. It's not far from here and the boys have a friend in the same street. The only thing is, it breaks my golden rule - NEVER buy a house with nettles in the garden. Okay there aren't many and they are tiny by UK standards but they are there, looking ugly and over the years, odd seeds have crept onto the lawn (not sure if it really qualifies as a lawn) so they are sort of everywhere. Neil could probably get rid of them. Is probably good enough? We'll keep looking.

Well I made that fatal mistake yesterday! I took Josh shopping for the day and we visited a massive second-hand shop. We found some rollerblades for him for one euro!!! BARGAIN!!! So we bought them. Now Andrew wants some. I know they didn't have his size because I looked. He isn't going to stop nagging though until we check. I'll take him after lunch. Then we have friends coming for dinner. We're going to do a full-on roast dinner with Yorkshire pudds - yum!!! Haven't thought about pudding though yet. Any ideas? Well, I'd better go and get the day started. I've got some black-out curtains to make for next door. See if we can persuade her two that it's night time too. It worked for mine and for me.

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