Part 17 - 22.5.09

This is going to be a quick one as I'm on my way out for lunch. On Wednesday afternoon, the principal of the International School rang me and offered me a full time teaching job for the next academic year. I will be teaching grade 1 for the most part and also grade 6 English. Obviously, I am delighted and very excited! I start in August but I have some planning meetings before we come back to the UK for our hols. If you are one of the people who has been praying for work for me, then thank you. The next thing to pray about is that my UK qualifications get recognised by the Finnish Education Board as being good enough to be classed as a qualified teacher here. If not I will be paid peanuts! If they do get recognised, I will be paid walnuts - okay it's still nuts but I'll be doing what I love doing and getting a constant income. This will allow Neil to focus on business plans without worries. More later - The New Bombay is calling us!

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