Part 10 - 10.3.09

It's only a few days since I last wrote but so much has happened since then. So much, in fact, that I can't decide where to start. Today has been great fun! Neil and I have been unpacking and gradually the boxes of CDs and DVDs have emerged, presenting us with a bit of a space problem. So we decided to go to Ikea to get some shelving and CD racks. Ikea is just across the border in Sweden. You drive up to a place called Tornio and then just across into Sweden. Well, we left as soon as the boys were in school and it took a couple of hours to get there. It was twenty to eleven (the store opens at ten) and yet it was closed. It took way longer than it should have done for us to twig that in crossing 50m over the border, we'd gone back an hour in time. Dr Who ain't got nothing on us!!! Once we'd sorted that out, we decided to have a coffee and pulla (a sweet bread bun) while we waited. That was where we got confused for the second time. We have spent the last few weeks immersing ourselves in Finnish. We can order, with confidence, kahvi ja pulla. However, I don't even know how to say hello in Swedish, let alone order drinks. Not to worry - the assistant had a badge on, with little flags to indicate the languages she could speak. In the few seconds that I was willing a Finnish flag to appear, Neil noticed that she could actually speak English. Even once I'd registered this in my peanut-sized brain, I couldn't for the life of me think what pulla might be in English. Duh!

The store itself was strangely familiar. Perhaps I'd been teleported to Birstall retail park??? It is laid out exactly the same as every Ikea in the world. You need hiking boots and a packed lunch to survive the marathan trek! We timed it quite well because by lunchtime (Finnish time) we had reached the restaurant. This could have been in Birstall or Croydon but only if the store was closed. I've never seen such a quiet Ikea restaurant! The other difference was the trolley park (also almost empty). Imagine a car park. You know how the bays are painted on the tarmac and you have to get between the lines? Well the trolley park was just like that, with painted bays on the floor... even aisles to drive up and down. Well this was too much for Neil altogether and he turned back into a small child, parking his trolley with pride. Little things...

I shouldn't really tell you about the second major event this week. The boys started school and really it should be their news. Okay, I'll let them tell you. My news though is that I've got an interview for a teaching job in the primary years there. The interview will be sometime in the next few weeks, so please pray that I get something from it - preferably something permanent.

Whilst I have lots of other things I could write about, I also have several sets of CD/DVD shelving to help Neil build, so I'll be back another time.

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