Part 9 - 10/08/2009 - Holiday Review

As I sit here writing this, the sun is shining, the trees are swaying in the wind and the house is peaceful. Nicki is at work, the boys are in bed and I should be working.............but thought I would take 15 minutes out for a quick update. Our holiday has come to an end and many of you will be aware that since last writing, it was quite an interesting few weeks. Living from a suitcase has been difficult and although I have loved spending time with family and friends, it is not an experience I am ready to repeat for a little while yet, or at least not for such an extended break. That said, we did have a great time and we also experienced the joy (and prior panic) of passing our exam on the web design course we have been doing together since the beginning of the year - Success!!

So what were we up to. We had a great time on the coast and it really is a beautiful part of the country. Once again, thank you so much for all the hospitality we were shown and we hope to be able to repay this someday. We certainly had an interesting time, what with 'THE FLU' and other associated illnesses that were floating around. It was all well in the end and holiday plans were not interrupted that much. We enjoyed some lovely walks around the coast and loved the fireworks display late one Saturday evening from the lighthouse - pictures available. The boys enjoyed camp in Fraisthorpe and this is a great little area on the coast - if you do not know the beach, it is a gem since it has good facilities but does not get too crowded. That said, I think both boys were pleased to get back into a bed after camp was done. Thank you to all of you that made this possible.

We are now back in Finland and it is lovely to be home. We have such wonderful neighbours and it was lovely to see you all. We had the privilege on Sunday to spend the evening with most of you and we had so much fun and laughter throughout the evening, just spending time together like a little community. I was thinking that this is more of how it used to be in the UK and I am sure in other parts of the world also. There is a sense that we have lost this art and yet, it bought much joy to many. This leads to another dilemma................the house. Oh what to do?? We are very happy here and we have a great little community where everyone is good friends. That said, it is quite transient as currently there are a larger proportion in rental. To buy, to build, to stay, to go? Questions to ponder, but we need to make some decisions and soon. No doubt this story will unfold and we will keep you up to date as things develop.

Well must go, got to continue working and get the boys ready for starting back at school. Time for a coffee first though and I will update on the business in my next blog. Take care for now.