Part 8 - 20/07/2009 - Update

It has a been quite a couple of weeks. It has been fantastic to meet with so many friends and family since we arrived in the UK. You have all been so generous to us and we look forward to returning your hospitality at some future point - we would love you to visit. It has been great to hear so much of what has been happening in your lives, but has been tinged with sadness that a lifetime family friend has passed away just before his 100th birthday - although we give thanks for the life that he had and the joy that he brought to us all. We have not however written much in the last couple of weeks, so will try to correct this going forward. And to our readers in Finland, we are missing you and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

First of all, apologies to those of you we could not get to see this time. I am discovering very quickly that having a large and diverse base of family and friends becomes very difficult when you try to catch up with them all. Don't get me wrong, we love knowing you all, but we can only spread ourselves so far. Thankfully, other forms of modern technology help to bridge this gap, but I can only imagine what it must have been like even only 20 years ago. I am also pleased to note that the second leg of our travels to Yorkshire had less 'highlights' than the first and barring a minor delay, was without incident...hurrah!!

Since arriving in Yorkshire, I have now finally seen where my mum is hoping to move to and it does look very nice. I only hope that we can make this happen as soon as possible. We have also managed to catch up with many friends. For many of our friends and colleagues, times are changing. Whether it be the end of school term changes and people moving on, or other change that is beyond our direct control, change is a constant and certain part of life. Last evening, our church said farewell to a very special friend who after 10 years is moving back to Guernsey to start the next chapter in her life. She has had an amazing impact on so many over this time and especially with all the youth. You are a very special individual who will be greatly missed - may you continue to know God's blessing on your life and ministry.

There are those however, who are experiencing change that is beyond their direct control. These times are difficult. There is the fact that control has largely been removed, and then the shock of the message, no matter how much it was anticipated beforehand. From my personal experience though I would say that I have learnt much in the past few years. For those who face uncertainty at this time, be bold and follow your heart. If the outcome is not what you hope for, think about what it is you really want to do and go for it. It may not replace everything you had, in fact there will probably be some sacrifices along the way, but you may find much more fulfilment and personal satisfaction. Take courage and follow your heart.