Part 7 - 02/07/2009 - Travels

When I last wrote, we were preparing for our trip to the UK. Well, we had some success in the last week and we have arrived safely in the UK after an amusing and eventful journey. Nicki has already catalogued much of this, but let me just add that I have never seen so much fear in passengers over a weight allowance on a plane and I have not seen an airport so basic since the early 80's..................but life is meant to be an experience and these were certainly that!

So what have we been up to since arriving. Firstly, may I add that we are missing our friends in Oulu. It is so great that after only 5 months we are missing you so much and the friendship and fellowship we have together. This is a great testament to how welcoming you have all been during this time to us. We are however also enjoying ourselves seeing family and friends and spending a mixture of time working and doing tourist activities. We have packed so much into the first week, it has been great.

I do however have one observation to make. In this time we have had so much fun and seen many parts of London that I did not enjoy when I lived here. This challenged me in that sometimes we do not see or experience what is already on our doorsteps. This may be for a variety of reasons and it is easy to understand why, since we often look to travel far and wide to experience what might already be there. So, my theory is this. By all means travel, experience new things and different cultures - but do not neglect what is in front of you. I have been excited and surprised so much this week and I will aim to ensure that I continue to experience what is locally available as well as travel.

So this is a short note, but more will follow. Looking forward to seeing many more of you in the coming weeks and sharing more on our progress.