Part 6 - 18/6/2009 - Chapters

Well, since last writing, a lot has been happening. The house sale in Lapland has completed and with the exception of a few outstanding issues, this is now a closed chapter in our life. It was sad to say good-bye, but it is a necessary step as we look to move forward in other parts of our new life here. Perhaps one day the opportunity will arise to have a cabin again, but for now we say thanks for the memories and we look forward to visiting again soon.

School has now finished for this year for the boys and so we have closed the first part of their transition to new school life. They have a great holiday period and they are adjusting exceptionally well to the challenges they face. Their school reports are excellent and these given all the other changes in their lives is testament to their courage, application and their personal qualities. I am very proud of you boys.

And so new chapters begin. We are looking at more permanent housing solutions here, but more of that to follow. However, the business is now born. We welcome with great excitement and enthusiasm (and some nervousness also) to the world, 'LCB Solutions' (Language, Culture & Business). I have received the local support I was looking for in terms of support for the idea and a recommendation that is used in other aspects of setting up the business and finance here in Finland. The first of these, is local support for new business while going through the first months of trading. I received positive news this morning and my application has been approved. The second is on process and I will update more soon.

So after around 8 months and a move across the continent, I am no longer unemployed as of Monday morning, 22nd June. I am very much looking forward to what comes next, the challenge of seeing just how far we can go - I know it will not be without challenges and frustration along the way. I am pleased with how far we have come in a relatively short timeframe already and look forward to success in our new venture. We are very grateful for all your prayers and the answers to prayer we continually receive.

So here we go - onwards and upwards. It is nearly mid-summer here and we are hoping to have a street party on Saturday to celebrate this here with our neighbours. It is then only a week until we are back in the UK and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. For now though, God bless and take care.