Part 4 - 15/5/2009 - Spring blessings

Well, I must confess I have been somewhat remiss in the last 5 weeks not updating my news. Truth is it is sometimes easy to just let Nicki do the writing as she is more articulate and more frequent, however I must get into better habits really. So, I am sorry to those who like to hear things from another perspective. This month has gone quickly and it is sometimes difficult to remember we are not working at the moment (not paid anyway), but our days and weeks are becoming fuller all the time. Things are progressing always, with the usual mix of blessing and frustration.

Frustrations have included the car, especially the cost of making it legal here - it is not big in the scheme of things but it was an un-budgeted cost. Then there is the seemingly endless wait to hear whether Nicki has secured work at the school. Of course, we hope so, but it seems a number of other factors are delaying final decisions and all the time there remains uncertainty, which I do not cope as well with. We do believe that God knows what he is doing, but sometimes the human nature is not so easy to satisfy. We hope and pray for positive news soon.

On the positive side, the business idea is taking shape and we have made a lot of progress. We hope to have the company up and running in the next few weeks, just a few more hurdles to pass. It will not be easy and we appreciate this, however we believe this is the best way forward. Alongside this, we have been studying new skills in web design and programming. Again, it is sometimes difficult to remember that 4 months ago, we knew virtually nothing and we are now on the second iteration of our own site and have further developments underway. So although we have not been working as such, we have used our time to good effect. Our aim is to finish the course over the next 5 weeks and then take the exam in the UK during the summer.

And so to the fun and enjoyment. Well spring is definitely with us. As I sit on the patio at 8pm writing this, the weather is cool, but still very sunny. Daylight will continue until well past 11 and even then it does not get that dark. For those who have not seen already, there are some up to date photos (see Spring in the photo gallery). We have been enjoying cycling, fishing, walking and the beach as well as open BBQs in various places. It has been great fun, however I did manage to catch a reasonably large fish, but unfortunately broke Andrew's new reel (birthday present) in trying to land it. We will let that one go, but hope to have more success throughout the summer months.

And so friends, it is time to go and get ready for Eurovision tonight. It does not start here until 10pm, so not sure if I will see all of it, but let us see if UK can do any better this year - we can technically vote for you this year!! We will see you soon and please email any updates from the UK and beyond, it would be fab to hear from you also. God bless, Neil.