25 Nov

Well, it has been a few weeks since I last updated this, so I guess I am well overdue. First of all, it has been quite a few weeks. But more of that in a bit. Life is becoming more of an adventure every day. When we set out on this journey back in February, we did not know what we were doing. All the planning, dreaming, praying - we still had no clues of what lay ahead. Well here we are 9 months on and so much has changed. So here goes.

I realised last weekend that 1 year had passed since I left the bank. For those of my friends left behind it has been a challenging year. Banks, for all of their faults and difficulties are still very important to a functioning economy. I was sad to leave behind so many good friends, professional relationships and some of the daily 'opportunities'! That said, as I was reflecting on this year, I came to the conclusion that I had not missed the bank itself.

And it has been quite a year. We have moved home, country, schools, work, social systems, church etc. We have set up a new business, got a new job, developed and delivered some training, overcome some of the obstacles along the way. We have made new friends, new colleagues, new business contacts, We have been blessed with an opportunity to get an English based service underway at Church and to meet with other fellowships. We have wonderful new friends and for all of you long suffering friends in Finland, kiitos paljon, me rakastamme sinulla, on kaikki ihana............ Thank you for your patience with us!! We are also very thankful to those back in the UK who continue to support us. Your encouragement has been a real blessing and strength.

In all of this, we are very grateful. This is however only the beginning. The best is yet to come. New challenges lay ahead as do new opportunities. Work is picking up gradually and I am looking forward to developing some of the ideas and making some of them reality. The New Year is not that far away and so we press on towards 2010 and all the new and exciting things ahead of us.

I will write again when I return from Hong Kong. For now, take care all.