Part 11 - the one with friends

The title actually has two meanings here. First, I am pleased to say we have been re-united with Friends (Friendit - for my Finnish fans) on DVD. The 15th anniversary edition arrive last week and have been a great source of amusement. They are very funny, though Nicki does not share our enthusiasm. So to abate her concerns, Ally McBeal is on the way............. (perkipsy). There is no Finnish translation for this, you'll just have to come and watch.

The second meaning is once again we are reminded so much of what great friends we have here and how fortunate we have been to have such great neighbours. As you know, we are building a house alongside our friends and we are all at a similar point - lots of questions, some uncertainty, some frustrations and in our case a few language difficulties. However, they have been so supportive and we have all had some laughs along the way. So D&T and R&L, THANK YOU. You have been great and we appreciate everything you do. We also have really good parties together, so who has the next birthday????

So to life in general. Work continues to gather momentum, though still lots of plans and not much actual work. I am sure it will come, just going to take sustained effort. Nicki and the boys have today reached half term and all look like a week off is exactly what they need. The snow is starting, though still a little patchy, but we have had about an inch today. Tomorrow, another local ski slope is opening for the season, so we will be going skiing at some point his weekend we hope - we need the practice ahead of main holiday at Christmas.

Otherwise, life is just going on. The usual range of joy and occasional frustration. Still,we hope to sort a couple of things in the next week that will be further along the road to success. And we are so looking forward to the English services at church continuing to grow. And for now, I will leave it all there. I shall now post this and it will be a breakfast surprise for Nicki as she always does a check to see if there are any updates - so Good Morning Nicki, enjoy your breakfast and please wake me by 9!! Take care and speak soon.