Part 10 - 9 Syyskuu

I have been fairly lapse in writing updates recently. I am sure many of you will have kept tabs on recent developments, but I will add my thoughts. The first obvious thing to me this morning as I write is that autumn is definitely with us here. The trees are changing rapidly and I have a large number of leaves to rake up when I next cut the lawn. I think there are probably only a couple more cuts left - oh joy. It has noticeably changed since we returned from the UK and although daytime temperatures are still very good, it is much cooler at night and we have already had a very light frost. So times are a changing and we expect the onset of autumn to gather pace. For Nicki, this is a little light relief as hopefully it will also be the end of the wasp season soon.

We continue to look for the right housing solution. There is much to decide on and to understand. It is not a project to take on board lightly, even in your home country, but it is even more challenging doing it in a foreign language. It is now a waiting game for about 6 weeks while we wait to hear on plots and whether we have been successful in our application. It will not be dead time though, as we continue to consider house designs and builders etc. I would consider taking on the project management normally, but I simply do not know sufficient about local regulations or have the language skills to deal with contractors, so this will be one to pay for. I will however enjoy managing our own elements of this project and seeing plans come to reality. More to follow on this story as it unfolds.

So onto business. I promised to update on plans, so here goes. Things are going as well as can be expected. As you know, my support application was approved in June when we registered the business. We had more good news when we got back from holiday as I have been successful in my financing application also. This provides the business with some financing while we begin to establish reputation and make contracts etc. Naturally I am really pleased as the feedback on the plans etc has been really positive throughout. So onto the hard part - the delivery. So far, it has been a steady start. I am confident in the message, but getting buy in is the difficult part. I am pleased to report though that I have already secured my first contract and I have a few more potential leads underway. I must confess to being very nervous when I completed my first session last week and I came away from it emotionally drained. It is a while since I have worked in this type of environment and it was tough. Though, with the first under my belt, I am increasingly looking forward to the next. I will keep you informed as we progress.

So I must go and do some more work now. I hope you are all well. Take care and speak soon.