Part 1 - 22/2/2009

These last six months has been a very real rollercoaster. From the sadness of the banking crisis (I appreciate some may not agree with this), to leaving people at home, work and church that I care very deeply for. However the time has come to move on. And so, we have been planning for a while to take the plunge and move to our now new home in Finland. I am scared, excited, frustrated and hopeful to name but a few of my current emotions. I do not believe that this move is by accident, but that God has plans for our lives here in Finland. I am also acutely aware that we do not yet have work and have both left long held and well rewarded careers in the UK.

I think it has just come to the time to give it a go, with no regrets whatsoever. We trust God will provide for our needs and already in just two days, we have found good rental accommodation to see us through this first period of our transition. We also have found what appears to be a good place of worship where we will feel at home for what is a very important part of our lives. The preaching was passionate and challenging and we have met a few people with whom I think we will become increasingly close to in the coming months. Our prayer is that we fulfil God's purpose for our lives.

So we look forward and aim for greater things. Last week in many ways was about the closing of a chapter and it was sad and stressful. It was also extremely tiring. This week is about new hope, our trust that God will bring us through and that we will find new employment and ways to integrate into our new country as soon as possible. We also pray that the adjustment for the boys will become clearer as we look to settle into new routines. We love them both very much and realise that this is not easy for them.

I am sure that we will make some mistakes along the way and I am sure we will capture some of these throughout the website. Already, we are indebted to people who have been extraordinarily generous. From those who thankfully speak better English than we do Finnish, although appreciate us making an effort, to those who had no need to, but went out of their way to help us. Thank you to our temp landlord, who not only met us at the airport with a key to the apartment at 1.30am, but then proceeded to drive us from the airport with our luggage. Thankfully he also had a big car.