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Holiday Blog


Let's get this show on the road.

My holidays this year are rather longer than they were when I lived in England. 4 weeks longer to be precise. I have always wondered what I would do in the five weeks that I wasn't in England. After all, it is a very long time when the only people who live on my street who speak English are adults. Not to mention the fact that any time when I am on my new game (Guitar Hero World Tour) Next doors 2&3 year olds come and start banging away on the drums. I don't reallly mind but I do enjoy playing on it as much as they do.

Anyway, we got to England safely and it feels so good to be home again. We have spent 1 week in London and we get a plane up to Yorkshire this week. There I spend 3 weeks catching up with old friends, relatives and just spendind some time going places.

Well, that concludes my first submission to this blog. Check back later for information concerning my doings around WY.