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So school finished 6 days ago for me and Andrew. Jealous much?! As I put in my last blog, I have a ten week holiday so we have a lot to do. For 5 days we have been up to our cabin in Lapland and unfortunately, tomorrow, on the 05/06/09, we have to say goodbye to it as we are selling it. If we have some pictures I will post them in the photo gallery so you can see where we have been coming on holiday for the past 3 years. Today we went fishing and it will be a trip that all of the family will want to forget. It didn't go well. I was very bored as I don't really like fishing and we never catch anything (although I lack patience which definitely doesn't help but I just don't enjoy it). The rest of the holiday has been good. To celebrate my first term off school I have got myself Ratchet and Clank 1 for PS2 and being me I have nearly completed it.

Anyway, got to go. I have other things to do but please keep filling in my questionnaire. Your feedback is very useful. Finally, please keep in touch via the email link on my home page.


As you can all tell I am not a regular writer. I leave long gaps of time between my blogs but I have a busy life!! Now, on topic, school is nearly finished for me as I only have one week left. Then I get a nice, long, 10 week holiday. I'm spending 5 weeks in England to visit old friends and family. Well since my last blog, I have accomplished a lot at school. I have completed a game and CD rack in DT, got good marks in my first suomea kieli koe (finnish language exam) and have made some very good relationships with friends. I have started cycling to school now and it is not that hard despite the fact that I am very unfit (regretably in more ways than one!!!)and it is a 9km ride.

Sorry for the shortness of this update but my dad is pestering me for the laptop.


Sorry for the long wait but as I have started school, I have been busy settling in. And I have done it well. I have made plenty of new friends, rememered where every lesson is (though I have not memorised my time table yet, though I can still remember my old one!!!:p) and I enjoy every lesson. One of my favourites is still maths especially as we have just finished studying linear equations on a graph and so I have got a GCSE book and am working from that. I did start crying (well not literally) when I found out we don't do ICT. P.E. is great fun and yesterday I had fun playing childish games like knocking targets onto the opponents side with a bean bag. Technical Work (D.T.) is fun. We have a lot more freedom here and so I have already used a heating torch (Blow Torch) and will only need 1 more week to complete my Sauna Ladle. We barely ever do exams although we do have regular assessments and we have lots of criteria on marking. English is very easy and I'm not sure if my class have done it before but we are learning how to punctuate text which is a walk in the park. All in all, I am really enjoying school but I am still missing everyone. On 07/04/09, I went skiing to a resort called Iso-Syöte and it is great fun for advanced skiers, like myself and apparently it is very good for learning. You can see different photos of what happened at my friends website which I will post a link to at a later date as I cannot remember the web address. I will not bother putting a 'check back in two weeks' as I may update before or after that so just keep checking.


Well I haven't started school yet but I think you should know some general stuff about my school life on Finland.

Firstly, to all my friends at HGS who think that English education is much better than Finland's, it isn't. I know most of you like food so I think that you should know that I will be cooking every week and that the ingredients will always be provided. Please use the email link on the home page to tell me why this isn't better. Also, I know most of you don't like biology so I think you should know that this term I am not doing it!! In my school, I will do biology every other term which is brilliant. Once again, please use the email link on the home page to tell me why this isn't better.

Secondly, the journey. You may have already read that I live 9 km out of the city centre, but that is not a problem. As I am more than 5 km from my school (which is called Oulu International School) and OIS is my nearest school, then the school will provide me with a free bus pass.

Thirdly, uniform. What uniform?!?!Did I mention that I don't have to wear any? Silly me. Yet another perk of the Finnish education system.

Are we all agreed that Finnish school is better?

Please check this page again in 2 weeks when I will have updated because I will have started school then.