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It's an even longer time since my last update but enough of that. I suspect you all want to know what I've been up to. Well as you all know I was in England for the most part of my ten week summer break and I thought I might do a holiday blog but it didn't really work. So I think I'll start by telling you all about what I did after the first holiday blog post. When I went up to Yorkshire I spent a week at my Granny's house and that was our 'base' while we visited our old friends from around the area. As my old school friends will remember, I came to visit them on the 13/07/09 (I think). I spent a day there where I spoke with my class during the full school assembly (which my class liked because they got to miss the second to last one of the most boring assemblies placed throughout the week. lol) Then I went round with my class for the day and went through all of my old lessons with them and caught up with some of the teachers I used to have. They were all rather pleased to see me.

Anyway, the other intersting thing I did in that week, was when me, Andy and some of my old friends went to go for Pizza and then after, we went to go and see Harry Potter 6 at the cinema. We all really enjoyed it and for any who are thinking of going to see it but aren't sure, I would recomend that you go and see it as soon as possible. It won't be on the big screen much longer I expect.

Now I shall tell you about what I've been up to since I got back. Pretty much as soon as we were all back, me, Mum and Andy all started school (my mum has a teaching position at my school)and it has all been a bit manic. For more details, see my School Blog (should be updated 14/09/09. Can't make any promises though knowing me.HEHE) But since then I have started going to a few sports clubs.I am quite interested in Pingis now (Ping Pong for those who couldn't guess) so I am now playing that every Friday and every other Tuesday. On every other, every other Tuesday, I am going to something called Parkour (Free Running). For more details on that see my brothers blog, Part 17.

Anyway, that will have to do for now as I have to go to bed. School is in the morning and I fell asleep watching a film last night so I need to catch up on sleep.


Long time since last update. If I knew how I'd create a poll asking if I needed to update my blogs more regularly. I wonder what the outcome would be? Anyway, I'm looking forward to Eurovision tonight despite the fact that I've been bushed all day long!:)Although it's expensive, I can now vote for UK but anyone who doesn't vote for Finland is going to be forgotten. I had pancakes for breakfast this morning. Gave me plenty of energy for the day out that we had playing tennis, walking on the beach etc. Thankfully the weather was very nice so we didn't have to compete with rain when trying to light a fire. If you haven't already, don't forget to check the photo gallery where you'll find some photos of the day out.

Sorry I haven't got 4 more photos on my gallery yet but I can't think of anything to photograph. Any thoughts by email would be gratefully accepted.

That's all for now. Eurovision has just started so I've got to go.


And so I have moved in and all of our things have arrived. If you haven't already, check out our photo galleries and you will see what our house looks like with and without furniture. Just half an hour before writing this I created a photo gallery for my room and if it looks messy now, 3 days after taking the photos, it looks a lot worse. Our new neighbours are all very nice and we have already been invited round for tea once, for coffee, well I've lost count of how many times we've been invited for coffee. When we invite people round for coffee I enjoy cooking a cake for them and my old class may agree that I enjoy and am quite good at making sponge cakes. When I got up this morning I came down and baked a cake however I didn't make enough mix for two and so I have actually made flat cakes. lol. I hope that relatives and friends will come and visit from the UK and I look forward to seeing you all when you do.


So at last I am in Finland!!:D Although I am writing this now, I actually arrived here on 18/02/09. 9 days may not seem like much but trust me, it has taken an eternity. With having no car and bike I have had to walk everywhere and so my feet are aching worse than if someone had smacked your foot 20 times with a sledge hammer. However, that is over now. We have rented a car that we keep until next tuesday... (I think:p). Thankfully, we live 9 km out of the city so unless I get super fit (in more ways than one!!!!!!!!) and do it super quickly, walking really isn't an option. Also, I now have a sledge which is great fun and is good for travelling down hill, provided the roads aren't gritted.

I'm really busy waiting for all of our stuff to come from home. We couldn't find an address to live in time so the stuff couldn't get on an early boat so I think it will set off next monday. I will be posting some photos of the house now and then in my Photo Gallery so check it now and in about 2-3 weeks time.