House Building Project

18th July

Oh haven't we all been industrious?!! We've started painting the outside - see pics below. We couldn't find a colour we really liked on the outdoor-paint colour charts but the nice man in the shop mixed us a colour to order. He said he couldn't guarantee it's colour and whether it will fade because it hasn't been tested but so far it's looking good.

On Friday, we had a delivery of bricks (480) for building internal walls in the wet areas like the shower room and sauna. Like most things, they were delivered to the drive and we had to move them inside the house. Neil moved them all, with a little help from Josh, whilst I painted.

Another thing we had to move, was the fire and chimney. They had been delivered to the decking area, so we only had to move them over the threshold. Neil moved most of the boxes but the main fire was so heavy, we couldn't lift it even a little bit with all three of us. So, this morning, we put our brains into physics mode and thought about Egyptians building pyramids. We made a lever with planks and used a hydraulic car jack and after almost an hour, Neil, Josh and I had moved it the 2m into the house. We were so proud! Tomorrow the man comes to install it.

External painting External painting External painting Lots of bricks to move
15th July

We've had quite a busy week by comparison. Without us realising it, the fire and chimney were delivered earlier in the week. After a visit to the company yesterday afternoon and a brief conversation in Finnish, we have arranged for the fitter to come on Monday to install both the fire and the chimney. Yesterday, we also bought bricks to build walls for the wet areas and a piece of tin - something to do with the front roof section.

Today, we had a crane hired to lift the roof tiles onto the roof (see pics below) and to move pieces of the garage around because when it was delivered, they put the wall supports, which are needed first, underneath everything else. Not very helpful! Anyway, the crane successfully moved everything around and now work should be able to move on at a slightly less glacial pace. That's the theory anyway!

Tiles on the roof Crane moving garage pieces Tiles on the roof Crane moving garage pieces
7th July

Andy standing in his bedroom This week, the LVI company have been putting in the big pipes for the air exchange system. It doesn't look that exciting but at least it's progress. Also, we noticed today that some of the plastic sheeting around the walls has been removed so it looks more like a house. More pics...

Pipes in the ceiling Pipes in the ceiling
3rd July

Well if I'm honest, we were a bit disappointed when we returned from our holidays. We knew that the floor had been concreted and that the garage had been delivered. We expected the garage to come in a similar way to the house, so we went to the plot expecting to see at least the shell of the garage. The garage had been delivered but in pieces ready for the builders to erect. The floor was done but it didn't look like anything else had happened at all. Anyway, here are the latest photos.

Floor has been concreted and covered with polythene Floor has been concreted and covered with polythene Floor has been concreted and covered with polythene Outside view of the house

A slight surprise on our return was also that the plot next to us has now been cleared. Sadly, in clearing it, a whole load of cloudberries have also gone (I was hoping they might wait until the autumn to begin work). We're a bit miffed that they didn't leave any trees on their plot - only one in the far back corner. We've done our best to leave some areas natural, to keep some wild berries and trees, but we can't do much about other people. Ah well, I'm sure it will all look okay when it's done.

21st June (but I'm a bit late posting)

Just before we went away, the floor was prepared. If you remember from the last photos, there was just sand inside the house and some supporting beams. Well now the beams have been removed and on top of the sand, the builders laid a double layer of insulation. Into that, they cut holes and the LVI people came and put in the pipework for the plumbing and underfloor heating. The electrical people came and put some of the wiring in place. Then the builders laid a steel mesh on top of the whole thing. We haven't seen it yet but last week the concrete floor was laid and the garage arrived. Here are the photos we have so far...

Inside floor ready for concreting Inside floor ready for concreting Inside floor ready for concreting Floor in the decking area is also ready for concreting
26th May

After a flurry of activity last week, it seems like everything's stopped now. The builders have been in and put the roof felt on and a timber frame on top. We think the tiles should be coming this week too but who knows? We have to buy a whole load more insulation for the inside floor and then we have to remove all wood from the floor area, including sawdust. Big sigh!!! Here's some more pictures...

Outside of house Inside roof Peekaboo! Josh looking confused about inside beams Outside back of house
20th May

It's here!!! They couldn't have found a hotter week to deliver and install our house. When I got to the plot yesterday afternoon, after work, Neil was burned to a crisp! He's going to arrive in Cyprus, looking like he's already had his holiday! Thankfully, he had texted me and asked me to pick up plenty more water so that he didn't dehydrate too. Anyway, I guess what you're waiting for is the photos, so here goes...

The workmen, preparing the site for delivery 1st wall in place Putting in supporting beams Wall flying through the air More walls Sneaky peek through the trees Almost there Front wall Kannustalo lorry that the house arrived on Last wall being slotted into place The crane that did all the lifting First piece of roof frame being lifted on Overview through the trees (from the shade of the van) End of day 1 Building of the porch roof Inside the house

Doesn't it look great? Please comment on facebook or email/Skype us and let us know what you think!

18th May

It's coming... tomorrow! Excited or WHAT?!?!?!?