Ascension Day - 21st May 2009

Hello again. I've remembered to get back to you. Although, I suppose with today being Ascension Day and Josh and I having the day off it makes it slightly easier to do so.

No niin, as I have told you today is Ascension Day and Josh and I have the day off school. We are happy about this because we could sleep in and then just lay in bed resting for a bit instead of having to get up and get ready for school. Also, we are going fishing at Kuivasjärvi which is a colossal lake (järvi means lake) with vast deepness. There you go Paul Baumeister. As you may know, I got a fishing rod and reel with a tackle box for my birthday but unfortunately when we went fishing a couple of days ago we didn't catch anything but we got a huge bite. We could see the fish in the water and we think it was a pike. Although, when I was running to get the net to bring it in it snapped my reel, took the hook and the bait, then swam off.

That's all for now but if you keep tuned in there could be some new things appearing on my page. BYE BYE!