Hyvää Syntymäpäivää! - 16th May 2009

Hi again. I apologise for not getting back to you but I had other things that were more important. I was looking at the date as I changed it and was just thinking that it's been at least a month since I've done one of these.

As many of you will know, it was my birthday on Wednesday and I am now 12 years old. WOW! I didn't get that many presents as I will get most of them when I go back to the UK. As well as this, many people have just put money into my account so I can buy what I like. I did get some presents though; my parents bought me a new fishing rod and reel with a brilliant tackle box to put all my bait and everything in. In a seperate piece of wrapping there was a professional fishing net so I can bring fish in easier. We did go fishing yesterday but unfortunately we did catch one thing (a very big thing. We think it was a pike) but it took the hook, bait and broke the reel by snapping it. :-(.

Today I'm going to play tennis wth my best friend Randolph to celebrate my birthday. He is originally from South Africa, then he moved to Quebec for two years, then Perth, Australia for another two years and now he is with us in Finland. He isn't living with us but in the Oulu region. He enjoys tennis and so do I. We are both very competitive so it should be a good game. Then we are all going down to the beach to play there and after that we will go to the fire to cook and eat sausages. :-).

Sorry for all the time it took to do on of these again. I know I have had some complaints about it so here is what you all want. Bye Bye!