The Flood has gone so where is the Rainbow? - 13th April 2009

Hi all. I have started to get back into the routine of updating my page more often so you will have to tune in more and look at what we're doing.

Now as you can imagine it is around this time of year in Finland that all the snow begins to melt and that can be a bit of a problem at first when it all freezes up again over night etc. But then when temperatures start getting positive all the time you can have a huge water problem if you can't find the drains. Well we had this problem because our drive doesn't have one. We just let ours flow into the one on the street. Unfortunately though, that one was blocked and covered by snow so we had to drive and walk through slush and water. Thankfully at long last the Land-Lord came to help us out a bit. The bad news was that he didn't come until a lot later on in the day. The good news however is that when he did come he had a plan of the street so we could tell where the drains were. Then we found them and all the water disappeared quite rapidly.

The funny thing about all this is that an hour or two later everyone was out washing their cars because they didn't have to worry about the excess water. We got ours done well but then more rain came over night and slushed everything up and made the cars dirty again so when we came back from the nice look around that we did today the car was just as bad as yesterday. So unfair isn't it.

Anyway, remember to email me about your good things and bad things. I have only recieved one so far so when you have a bit of spare time please do that for me. Thanks and I'll keep you all posted with what I'm up to. Bye.