Friends, Family and a Little Other Now - 10th April 2009

I have a lot to say given that I haven't written one of these blogs for quite some time but anyway, here goes.

As you know I started school about four weeks ago and I said that it was great. Well, it has gotten so much better since back then. I now have loads of friends and I am fitting in really well. Plus, I'm not the latest edition to the school anymore. This is because a new boy started in our class a week and a half ago. His name is Randolph and he is Australian. He is doing really well and I must say that he is picking up the language a lot better than Josh and I did. Although I have been pretty sad because on Wednesday my best friend, Q, (mentioned in one of my other blogs) has left to go back to America and Canada. But I am doing better than I thought I would because I am now very good friends with Randolph so that's that.

I know that most things have been going smoothly and well but there are a couple of things going a bit badly. Like, my parents keep getting turned down by this thing called Kela because they are currently unemployed. I don't know much about Kela but I do know that if my parents don't get things sorted out with them then it could be unfortunate on a long term basis. All I can ask you to do is carry on praying for them and hoping that everything gets sorted.

Now then, back to the lighter side. I have been in Finland for nearly two months now and I haven't really heard that much about what's going on with all you guys so after you have read this blog please could you go to the home page and click on 'E-mail Andy' and tell me three good things that are going on in your life and one bad thing. That way I can find out more about you and what's going on in England or wherever. Also, if you want to find something out about me then please do feel free to ask. Thanks. :-)