School and "THE CAR!!!!!" - 9th March 2009

Well today I started at school and I couldn't have asked for a better first day. I already have at least two friends, one is finnish and another is from New York. Quintin, from New York has already given me his phone number and I gave him mine. Doing well. As you can imagine though, there is lots of stuff to take in and lots of new books to carry around. Just for the first couple of weeks though - thankfully. My teachers are very nice and you don't actually have to say Miss or Mrs Smith or whatever; you just call them by their normal names. How cool is that right!? Also as I may have mentioned, we don't have to wear a school uniform. We just wear our everyday life clothes. This makes it more casual and friendly. Another reason to want to go to Finland. It's all very casual and everyone gets on well with each other. We are all one big happy family.

Going off the main subject now, in my last blog I believe I said that I would tell you about the car being taken off the lorry and everything so here it is. Whilst the car had been on the truck the battery had kicked out so we had no brakes or anything. The people bringing it off couldn't care less and they just ignored what we told them and when they brought it off they were very worried and were all endlessly looking for the hand brake. Now we have a six seater so there are three seats in the front and three in the back and that means that the hand brake and gear stick can't be in the right spot. So on our car it is underneath the dash board. The people doing this didn't have a clue about this so bringing it down the ramp was your worst nightmare. We nearly went through next door's garage. :-$.

Anyway, will be updating this page over the weekend probably about how the week goes so tune in and remember to keep in touch.