Walking on Water - 7th March 2009

WOW! It does feel good to be able to sit on a sofa after sitting on a hard and wooden floor for a week. Anyway, as you can probably tell, all our furniture and stuff has arrived and is safe in the house. The truck drove from Helsinki to us on Wednesday and then offloaded everything on Thursday morning. The good news is that everything that went on came off (including the car but I'll get there eventually), but unfortunately, there is a little bit of bad news - now we have to unpack just under 200 boxes of furniture, toys and household items. BORING!!! At least it all arrived safely though which we are very grateful for.

Now we have done most of the unpacking, we can start to get out a bit and see what's around so at this point we thought that we would start off by following God. (Literally). We went walking and driving over the sea. It was a bit worrying at first but eventually we twigged that if it wasn't safe they wouldn't let us on. The Bothnian Sea obviously freezes in the winter because of the cold temperatures and in that area the ice is thick enough to take a car over it and people over it. I know, scary! But over the other side of this ice road there is a pretty little island just larger than Guernsey. Over there it is very quiet but you can live there and you don't even have to come back to Oulu for school or food. :-o. Also a lot of people run their own little businesses like there was one place that we saw where you could buy reindeer as pets to keep. What a weird lot we are. LOL.

Hope you are all well though, will be updating my page on Monday or Tuesday evening because I start school then. WOOOOOOOO!!! Oh my goodness just listen to me, anyway see you later.

I want to know how Jesus coped on real water that was actually flowing!