The House - 28th February 2009

We must be doing well within our adventure - we moved into the new house we are renting on Thursday. I love it, two storeys of a place where even when there isn't furniture, you can not get bored. On the bottom floor at the moment there is literally a big ballroom with several doors going off on all the walls. It has a kitchen that is very spacious and one toilet. On the other side of the dancing hall is a sort of Utility Room. That is where we have our washing machine, tumble dryer and dirty washing basket (not that you would really want to know that). Going off that, is the shower and the one thing that highlights our culture - the sauna. Also there is a door that leads to the patio, which at the moment is completely covered in snow. LOL. The top floor is the place where everything has been dumped at the moment. In our house we have three bedrooms. One for me, one for Josh and one for Mum and Dad. Mine is the smallest room because every since I've been alive I have had the biggest room out of Josh and I. This time I thought it would be nice if we had a change and let him have the big room. Obviously though, Mum and Dad have the biggest room because they are the adults and there are two of them. Also there is a bathroom and shower on the side of the main hallway. As well as this, at the top and bottom of the stairs there are baby barriers. Well, why mention that, it's just a baby barrier. This is why; it tilts up and down so that when its not in place then it doesn't look untidy or get in the way.

Even though there are a lot of advantages to our new house there is one big disadvantage - the distance from school and the city centre. We are nine kilometres out from the city centre and our new school. Although, the school has been very thoughtful of this and provided us with free bus travel for certain buses that run from near our house to the city centre. But they have only done this because we are in the city boundaries. Speaking of buses, we have been lucky with the positioning of our buses as our main bus stop is right off our little cul-de-sac. :-)

The main thing that I am enjoying at the moment about our new house is the neighbours. They are so friendly with nice kids that like to play with you and pretty much everyday, everyone goes out on the local sledge mountain and plays on it. Everyone has lots and lots of fun where we live and if you are a miserable person, then you will not fit in on a long term basis.