Sorry to All! - 6th February 2010

Hello again to all. I'm very sorry that I didn't do a New Year in Ruka Daily Diary like I said I would, but I didn't find time with all the things going on. Go ahead and say it - you can't rely on me, can you? Oh well, I figured that given that I have a free Saturday I'd get back to you all. :D. By the way, please don't think that I'm not doing these because I can't be bothered or that I don't care about you all because I do. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I'm just a busy guy and currently I'm getting a lot of homework at school and I'm studying Finnish a lot more now because I really want to be able to have conversations in Finnish with my friends. Also, I want you to know that I did actually have a fluent conversation with a few of my friends in Finnish (it was on msn but that means nothing) - minä puhuin muutamia ystäviäni (and no I didn't use google translate) - the other day so I am learning really fast.

Anyway, now that I am doing a blog I should tell you what I'm up to at the moment. For those of you who are wondering, my school life is much better now and the language and prejudice issues are not a problem anymore. Thank you to those of you who prayed for me and I hope you will keep in touch to find out more info.

Recently I've been trying out new sports that are popular in Finland like Ice Skating, Cross-Country Skiing and also I'm hopefully going snowboarding tomorrow at Kempeleen Hiihto Keskus. It's like Xscape but it's bigger and steeper yet outdoors! Ice Skating is fun and on Thursday I will be playing Ice-Hockey which I have a feeling will actually be lie down on the ice for the whole P.E lesson. LOL! Cross-country skiing is really fun. It's tiring but really fun. Mum tried and to be honest the lazy lump got two metres and was tired. Dad was good but again didn't get too far without getting tired like THE MOTHER!!!

The snow is really deep here now after our huge downfall over last weekend. I went out to our hill today to make a tunnel but just as I finished it and was having my first attempt at going through it, it all collapsed on me. I was stuck for half a hour in deep snow and couldn't reach the shovel to dig myself out. It was only when my neighbour came out to go somewhere that I got the shovel and escaped from what annoyingly is only frozen water. Grrr! Thank you Laura!!!!!

I want to say another BIG THANK YOU again to all of you who chipped in to my new Acer computer. I know it's been a while since christmas but since I haven't done a blog in this time I am saying it now. As you've probably guessed I'm using it now to do this blog. The keyboard is so comfortable and easy to use! Now I'm going to stop talking about my computer before I get carried away. LOL!

Now I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of my Saturday with my family. I hope you all have a great week and I will try to do another blog soon. (Again, don't count on it :D). BYE!!!!!!