First Family Member!!!!! - 24th December 2009

Hi again and a BIG Merry Christmas to all!!! (Hyvää Joulua Kaikille!!!). As you all should at least be vaguely aware, it's christmas tomorrow. This means joy, happiness; You know the rest from the movies. Also, two big things that make you very happy - presents and that big turkey that also means Mummy's yummy turkey sandwiches for the next fortnight. (Oooo! Nice ring to that!). LOL! Now, although you are all happy I think I am much happier because my wonderful Uncle Matt has come to visit us for christmas and New Year. Also, for christmas dinner we got one of Finland's only christmas turkeys. (This is because in Finland you usually eat ham for christmas). Plus - to really top it off - our family's good friend, Wally, is also coming for christmas dinner as he would have been alone for it if we didn't invite him. Overall, this christmas will be very good.

Next thing to cheer me up is that we are going to ski and snowboard in Ruka, Kuusamo this New Year. Hopefully, my uncle and I will be going up on the big slopes and flying down the mountain while my mum, dad and probably Josh will be sleeping on the bottom slopes. :D. Also in Ruka, we will be doing some kind of snow-mobiling/husky safari of some combination or other to get us out on the lakes.

School has broken up for the school year after a 18/19 week term. You may be thinking that this is so much for one term but it's the Finnish way because in Finland the summer holiday is ten weeks long and there are only two terms. Christmas is half way, we start on the second Monday/Tuesday of August and finally end on the last week of May or the first week of June.

However, before you go on thinking that christmas here is all so wonderful, here's something that was slightly annoying from when Matt got here. Uncle Matt's baggage was lost by Finnair because of the delays from the London flight. This meant that instead of going somewhere nice yesterday, we had to go and get some temporary clothes for him so that he will be okay. Then, in the evening, my mum and Matt had to go back to the airport to look for his things. They found his main suitcase but they had to wait till' this morning to get his snowboard. :-( Meh, that's all fixed now.

Well, BYE FOR NOW!!! I'll try my best to do another blog while I'm in Ruka to tell you how it's going. Please forgive me if I don't because I will be quite busy whilst in Ruka with all the fun. Anyway, CYA!!!!!!!!!!