Finally I'm in Paradise! - 21st February 2009

At last I've arrived safely so now I have a new challenge. We have a house to rent for a year which we are moving into in about 4-6 days - :-). The good thing is that I am beginning to get a good idea of where everything is and the quickest routes to get from A - B. This will help for when I start school because then if I want to go to places with my friends after school I can go with them, know where I am and then get home as quickly as possible. The only thing I will have to do is learn the local bus timetable because the house we are renting is about 8 - 9km (5 miles approx.) from school so if I am staying in the centre of the city later than expected I know when the next bus I could catch will be.

Anyway, speaking of school, I might as well tell you all a bit about it. I actually quite like it and that is something I never thought I would say. It is sort of like a college layout, the bottom floor is for the first years which is grades 1 - 4 and that is the smallest area. Also on the bottom floor is the main lobby which has a nice open floor and the children can play table football there after school if they are waiting for any reason. The one thing I mustn't forget about the ground floor though is the canteen/dinner hall. I will look forward to school dinners because they are free and from what I have been told they are mainly quite yummy. The second floor, where Josh and I will be is for the middle years program. That is grades 5 - 9 (I am going into grade 5 and Josh is going into grade 7). As well as this there is the breaktime snackbar. There you have to pay but it is quite cheap and the general idea is that you go and get a drink or a small snack for 11's. The social worker and careers adviser is also on that floor and that's where the older students can find out about careers that they could get into and about national service. This is something that all males have to do in Finland. The top two floors are for the upper years program. That is grades 10+. I don't know everything about that floor because there isn't anything up there that will concern me yet. When I do know, I will let you know.

I think the one thing some of you are asking though is 'Am I enjoying it here?'. The answer to that is yes. I think I must be enjoying it the most so don't worry. Just so you know, I am missing you all very dearly but if you want to keep in touch you can email me. My email is on one of the other pages but if you can't be bothered looking it is andy@finnberrys.co.uk. CYA LATER.