A New Hobby!!!!! - 14th November 2009

Hi again everybody! Hope you're all having a good time back in your home countries. Life in Finland is getting better and better by the day. We're getting much closer on the house project and life at school is also getting better. In addition, I have found myself a new hobby - FOOTBALL!!!!! I know for most people this is just like a walk in the park and you're all probably thinking, "Been there, Done that," but I've never played on a football team and now I finally have one where I feel like I'm doing well and where I feel like I'm making good friends. My team is called OTP Nottingham and it's for grades 4 - 6 and with me being in grade 6 I am one of the oldest and more experienced people on the team. (Although, given that most of these kids have been playing since the first team, they are probably more experienced than me). However I have an advantage in most cases because I am one of the tallest players on the team and most kidz on the other team are smaller than me too. The other thing that I like about this is that it gives me the perfect opportunity to pratice speaking Finnish with my teammates and if I don't know something in Finnish they all know a fair bit of English from learning it at school. YAY!!!! LOL!!!!

Now then,about the house project; I know you've probably read a lot about it on the 'House Project' page but I would like to tell you my feelings about the whole thing. I feel like this is a good decision because I know we can't live up here in Talvikangas all thetime and down in Metsakangas there is a lot of resources and places that we need to have a good life such as all the super-markets, hardware stores, a free ski slope and on our plot a whole load of trees which means tons of logs. Also, we don't need to worry about leaving our good neighbours because they are right round the corner from our new house so we will see them just as much as we do now. Furthermore, there will probably be more kids my age there and that means I can practice my Finnish more and come home everyday to a bunch of friends who care about me. The only problem for me is that the new house will be 30km away from my best friend which means seeing him will be a lot harder exceot at school. But as that's the only thing I think it's a good idea moving to the new house.

Anyway, I need to go now. I think I've got a busy day planned so...... BYE!!!!!!!