Boarding in a Winter Wonderland! - 20th October 2009

Hi again everyone, I'm extremely sorry that I haven't done one of these in a while but I've had some problems at school that, as it's to do with my education, came first. Anyway, now it's the holidays so I have time to do one of these. As you can probably guess from my title we now have a fair bit of snow here in Finland and several ski resorts have opened some of their slopes for the skiing season. Obviously, as we are keen skiers (and now in my case snowboarder) we went to one of the nearer ski resorts to our house called Iso-syöte and went for the day. We enjoyed our time there with all our new equipment. I have a new snowboard that we found at a flea market and a helmet and boots. I was very lucky. LOL. Also, the day before we went to Iso-syöte, the rest of the family left me at home for the main part of the day and went to find some equipment for the next day. Both my parents got brand new skis and for the quality they were at a very good price. Josh, who hasn't had a snowboarding lesson yet, was searching for a snowboard so he could try it out. Unfortunately he didn't get the same luck as I did and only found some boots and a helmet. However, something did make his day and he used that on the trip. He found a snowboard like thing but it was the shape and size of a skateboard but instead of having wheels it had a sort of snowboard base so it was kind of a winter skateboard. No bindings but the base of a snowboard. COOL RIGHT!

So the next day we set off to Iso-syöte for our wonderful day out. It was only my second time snowboarding so at first I wasn't very good but as the day passed on I got back into the hang of it and for the rest of the trip I was coming down from the top of the slope we were on and was enjoying myself.(Only one slope was open because the others didn't have enough snow yet and weren't ready for use). Both mum and dad had a good day on and off with their skiing and both got ready for the season ahead. Josh was very good on the snowskateboard thing and very bravely hiked his way up an approxiamately 150 metre run that towards the end got very steep and bum-boarded down the entire slope at a very fast speed. Also, to make him happy as he couldn't find a snowboard, he had a quick go on mine. The only bad thing was that he couldn't learn to turn easily and do the lift because the board was too narrow for his size so his feet were hanging off the edge too much. This resulted in a lot of falling over; but he made several good attempts. WELL DONE BRO!!!!!

So, we had a good day out but there was a slight problem with reindeer on the way there. Thankfully not to us but seeing it made me especially, given how much I care for nature, very upset. As it was very icy and the reindeer were great in number driving conditions weren't as good as they could have been. This troubled a couple of cars that had hit a reindeer each and killed them as the two reindeer had shot out into the road. One car was in a ditch at the other side of the road that it had been driving on with one reindeer underneath it and the other on the road but a reindeer lay dead in front of it. Then, further down the road, there were some hunters which made us even more causeous because if an elk or a reindeer heard gun shots they would run very fast and we may hit one if one charged into the road. Thankfully, it wasn't a problem but it made the last half of the journey there very stressful. The journey back was a bit better and about half way we stopped off for pizza but again it was peak hunting time and it was very dark so again it was very dangerous. However, God was gracious and kept us safe and we arrived home in safety and enjoyed the evening.

Okay, time to go. I'll try to be in touch soon but school is currently a bit stressful for me and any problems there need to be sorted because education for me is probably (other than my religion) the most important thing at the moment in my life. Hope that you'll all want to come and visit us and for my Uncle Matt, I can't wait until you get here. It will be a good Christmas and New year skiing and boarding. Okay, BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!