I finally have Hobbies!!!!!!! - 10th September 2009

Hi again, I deeply apologise for being this late to do another blog, I had been meaning to do one but just didn't find the time. Anyway, onto the blog. This week has been pretty busy for me because I have very recently wanted to get into some out of school sport. So, my mum being so lovely, she took me to find out about different sports clubs or events going on around Oulu. Thankfully we found two things that fit me. On Mondays, I now go to a one and a half hour session of basketball which was very fun this week because all we did was a big two on two match as there is only four of us going. Then, on Tuesdays, I do something that I've wanted to have training in for a long time. PARKOUR!!! For those of you who don't know, Parkour is a thrill sport where instead of just running around obstacles, you find ways of jumping over them and swinging under them so that you don't lose your speed when running or so that you don't have to dodge out of the way of everything. I think it's ace!!!!!

Now lets talk about other news. On Wednesday (yesterday), at nine past nine and nine seconds and nine milliseconds etc. it was - on a digital clock - etc. I think that's pretty awesome! Also, tomorrow is the 11th September which means that it will have been exactly eight years since the twin towers in New York were terrorised along with a couple other buildings. My class have personally decided that before lunch we will have a one minute silence for that matter and we will remember that dreadful day when I was so much younger than I am now. Also, as many of you may know, in ten days it is Josh's birthday. So, for those of you who read this blog you have no excuse to be later than one week for sending him presents because this is plenty of warning. Remember to wish him a Happy Birthday in someway. Maybe Facebook or email or whatever but try to do something for him. He's fourteen and I want it to be a special day for him. If you wish to email him now so you won't forget, then click this link. Email Josh a Happy Birthday!!!!! REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!

Anyway, bye for now. I'll try to get back into a regular pattern of doing my blog. Stay tuned on all of our blogs because they get updated at seperate times so there's always something going on. Bye Bye!!!!!!!!!!!