What's going on - 14th June 2009

Hi all, back again. I was just thinking about how much time is left until we come back to the UK for the summer and actually it's only one and a half weeks. I just can't wait to see everyone again!

For some reason I was struggling to find a title for this blog just as much as I was for the last blog. I just thought I may as well give you the latest news on what I'm doing so here goes:

Today we all went to the fair and had a really great time. Josh and I went on the Dodgems twice, then the helter scelter which was very good because to get to the sliding area there was an obstacle course with moving walls, rotating floors and spiky, twisting boulders that were just plain annoying. We also went on this roller coaster that was fun but it could have been better. Finally we went on the big wheel because Josh and I have a tradition of always going on the big wheel at a fair when there is one. Don't ask why but we just do.

Yesterday I went to my best friend, Randolph's house because he has just recently moved to Kiiminki which is another city 12 kilometres NW from where we live. The house is very cool but as he only arrived in Finland two months ago his container with all his things haven't arrived yet. They come on Tuesday so I am going round to his house again then to keep him company. Also I am going to sleep over at his house on Friday but then on Saturday morning I will stay for half the day and then (because we have a cool street party for mid-summer) he is coming back with me and then is sleeping over for saturday night. We get to spend a full day and a bit together. It will definitely be fun.

Well, that's all the updates for now but stay tuned because I will have another blog coming soon. Thanks and I send everyone my love. BYE!!!!