Rakastamme Oulu, teemme! - 9th June 2009

Hi again. When I was doing this blog I couldn't think of what I could do for a title. I thought I could make an email link and open it up for suggestions, but then I remembered what I did on Sunday evening. My neighbour Tofik, his son Nasir, Josh and I all went to see AC Oulu play football. We did win, 3 - 0, but during the game we made up a chant. These are the words:

"Rakastamme Oulu, teemme,

Rakastamme Oulu, teemme,

Rakastamme Oulu, teemme,

Oh, Oulu rakastamme!"

You are probably wondering how it goes but if I told you that it means "we love you Oulu, we do"x3. Then "Oh, Oulu we love you!" You could probably work it out.

Today my Mum and Josh have gone out shopping for the day. This obviously means that I'm at home with Dad for the day. So far it's half past one and all we've done is watch a film called "Coach Carter". It was fun but now we haven't got anything to do because we want to leave playing tennis until tonight so that Josh and maybe my Mum could come and play too. Usually when my Dad and I are on our own we would just go to Morrisons for a shop and then come home, put a DVD on, and let my Dad work. Unfortunately, we don't have Morrisons here and my Dad doesn't have a lot of work to do. (Although he does have a fair bit). So this morning I was thinking and I've come to the conclusion that I'll spend the entire time doing what I want to do. This will include things like updating my page on here, playing outside and all other different things like that.

Please do stay in touch and I do hope to see you soon because as many of you will know we are coming back to the U.K for the summer in three weeks. I can't wait. We want to see as many people as possible so if you want to make an arrangement to meet up somewhere then just click Email me. We would love to meet up. Also remember to fill out my feedback form if you haven't already. That's all for now. BYE!