We're all on our Summer Holiday - 4th June 2009

I won't brag too much but it is my pleasure to say that while all you people in England are still at school and at work we are on our summer holidays. We go back a month earlier than England but overall we get ten weeks off you only get six. LOL.

There - I've had my fun. Now I'll tell you about our first week of the summer. You may be aware that we have a holiday cottage in Finnish-Lapland but we are selling it so that it will be easier to afford a house when we need to buy one. We do have a buyer so we decided to come up for one last time because as of tomorrow or Saturday we don't own the cottage any more. We will miss having one but we will probably get one again a bit nearer to Oulu. We are going to look at one in a place called "Yli-Ii". It is pronounced oo-ly-ee. It's quite hard to say but we'll get the hang of it.

We do hope someone will come out to visit us soon because even though we are coming back for most of the summer we would like to see how much some of you like Finland. If you wish to make an arrangement just click E-mail Andy. We would definitely love for you to come out to see us.

Anyway, keep in touch and remember to fill out the feedback form on my main page. Goodbye!