All the Updates - 23rd May 2009

Hi all. I feel that I should do another blog but don't have a proper subject so I'll just tell you what's been going on.

First of all, we went for a nice swim today at Oulun Uimahalli. It translates as Oulu's Swimming hall. Josh and I enjoyed time on the slide that is there and then had a bit of time in the play pool. Unfortunately, we couldn't go in the main pool where we could swim properly or go diving because there were several competitions on today in that pool. However, we still had lots of fun and hope to go again next week.

Secondly, this school week coming up is our last week of school for the year. Then I will be in grade 6 and Josh will be in grade 8. WOW! On Saturday in the morning we have to go in to collect our report cards but other than that we can relax. We start our next school year on Tuesday 11th August. Over the summer we have a bit of homework though. We have to collect ten specific plants and then get their roots as well. Then we have to arrange them in a folder and put labels with their names beside them. We can take pictures but they have to be our own pictures. No google or Yahoo allowed. Plus we would also have to take pictures of the roots so that's not as easy as just digging them up.:-(.

The final thing I have to say is that we are coming back to the U.K in the summer so if you want to arrange to meet up somewhere or just see us then please do e-mail me. Please just click on "e-mail me" to do so. Thank you and goodbye.