The MOVE! - 7th Feb 2009

The move is only 11 days away and I am one third scared, one third excited and one third 'Oh my goodness this should be fun'. I actually think that I will benefit from this move whatever happens because I am taking the opportunity to do something that a lot of teenagers or kids will never get to even worry about doing. It will be a whole new start for me and everything will be different. How exciting!

I would say that the thing I am looking forward to most is the new lifestyle. Hunting and fishing are a big thing in the summer so that will be a new skill that I will have to learn. Also they are extremely cultural which is kind of nice because at least when you do something traditional you don't get a look from everyone as if to say, 'What on earth is that guy doing?'.

Even though I am looking forward to the move I still have one more week at my school in England and that will most likely be sad. I will have to say goodbye to all my friends and will have to wait to see them again until the summer. :-(